Add interactive apps to your videos

SmartVideo embodies the evolution of static videos into interactive ones, much like the shift from static to interactive websites two decades ago.

Our patent pending software allows you to add interactive applications to your existing videos.

Customizable, Interactive In-Video Apps

Custom apps bring your video lectures to life — learners feel as if these apps live "within" the video.

The content-creator or even your enterprise client can add these apps to videos in the existing video library.

Any app written for the web browser works within these videos, on every device! This provides unlimited flexibility for any use case. See a few of the pre-built apps below:

Overlays and Hotspots

Enable learners to dive deeper into a topic by adding clickable URLs on hotspot areas in your existing videos.

Video Branching

Help learners navigate stories, dig into details, and be wowed by experiences that educate and entertain.

Custom Response App

Allows the learner to submit a video or text response to a question posed in the video.

Graded Quiz Question App

Pop-up quiz questions help learners maintain attention, leading to better learning outcomes.

Code Execution App

All code runs right within the videos, without requiring any app installation — even on mobile!

Auto-Generated Slide

Add just a single slide quickly without re-recording the entire video. Powered by our patent-pending Autovideo technology.

Perfect for Your Enterprises Customers

Providing a measurable ROI to your enterprise clients by enabling them to customize the content library with interactive apps.

Enterprise Use Case Deep Dive

Laura, an IT Infrastructure manager at a Fortune 100 company, used to assign a video training course to her team. She found that her team was not on the same page as her after taking the training and often needed additional one-on-one coaching from experienced team members.

With SmartVideo, she added an app that presented more information about the company's software infrastructure and asked the team members how they would resolve a common internal deployment issue.

This app would show up just after a new concept was introduced in the video course. This enabled her to give her team feedback right after they've learnt a new concept, leading to much better outcomes.

She was able to customize an existing video by including details relevant to her team.

Interactive App deep dive: Code Execution

One of our most popular apps — this lets the learner play with the code directly inside the video, even on their phones. It's a better, faster, and more fun experience.


Animate the code character by character, line by line, or make it appear all at once.


Highlight the exact code lines and characters you're discussing at the moment.

Code Scrolling

Smoothly scroll to a specific line for large code blocks that don't fit in one screen.

Accessible everywhere

No matter what device they use, your users can use the custom interactive apps right within the web browser without installing an iOS/Android app.

Get Early Access

SmartVideo is currently in Private Beta.

We are working to open SmartVideo to many more educators and instructors. We might give you access immediately if you already have an online e-learning school with revenues.